The versatility of TOPSTUD allows a variety of recording methods to be accommodated within the one program, giving the program strength and keeping the control firmly in the hands of the breeder.

You record what you want in an easy to use format. TOPSTUD can be used for all stud activities and provides the "filing cabinet" for all types of information from pedigree to worm resistance monitoring. Especially good at showing dam performance records.

Designed for use out in the yards for immediate recording or look-up, TOPSTUD is also used as an "office" tool where information can be entered or accessed at your leisure. Easy data import/export to and from other electronic equipment.

TOPSTUD caters for eid tag and lookup, is compatible with Sheep Genetics submission requirements and automatically fills the 16 digit SGIDS.



Stud Records

Each sheep on the system has its own detailed record and includes tag information and pedigree details (if required) together with activities, classing, measurements, joining, sales, notes and progeny information.

In addition to standard tag number (max.16 digits), alternative tag number or animal name can be used for easy identification as well as bar code/EID field and Sheep Genetics ID. Easy tag number generation is available.

Easy import of data captured outside the program with a clear list provided of what is being processed before it is permanently transferred to the database.


Tag Lists

An easy to use search and scroll through feature enables you to view the full or filtered sheep list – you don't have to remember the full tag number – type in the first part of the number & you can see the choices.

Filtering allows instant grouping of recorded information and total group numbers for simple management

·         Dam's progeny and performance on each ewe record for immediate analysis (or through reports if required)

·         Unique joining module ensuring the latest information is at hand on each sheep.

·         Objective measurements (30 fields) – all user definable (Hide/show only those required) as well as ASBV lookup fields

·         Visual traits scoring (45 fields) all user definable

·         Client records

·         5 generation family tree (including archive records where applicable) with linked progeny

·         Classing/activities – room for free writing of notes

·         Unlimited number of entries for nearly all sections

·         Fast input entry screens for new tags, with new tag generation procedure

·         Fleece measurement results from test house translated for transfer into TOPSTUD records

·         Archive and retrieval facility.



Ram breeders are continually looking at how to best keep track of their breeding programs. TOPSTUD has proven its worth with stud breeders being able to analyse and recall at will, data that has previously been difficult for them to access in spreadsheets or other forms.

·         Filter data "as you go" to see result on-screen before committing further effort.

·         Individual animal report can be printed from the Tag Details screen or from the Report screen.

·         Tag summary reports for printing general stock listings by selecting information using Report Filters.

·         Detailed reports, user nominating details to print and filtering groups for analysis.

·         Joining Reports for printing joining lists, lambing book and summary of joining numbers and rams mated

·         The Report Filters can be activated on the Tags List as well as Activity, Measurements, Visual Classing, Joining and Progeny. Any combination of using these filters will provide a greater degree of flexibility with selective reporting.

·         Export reports to Excel for more detailed analysis when needed.



Tags – Unlimited

Tag Number – 16 digit (any combination)

Activities – unlimited number of entries

Classing – unlimited number of entries, user defined codes

Visual scores – 45 fields, single entry, user defined headings

Measurements – 30 fields, unlimited entries, user defined headings plus ASBV lookup table

Joining – 12 month joining (add ewes/sires at any time) with additional joining history


The TOPSTUD Management System was designed specifically for the Merino stud breeding industry by Marion Gibbins and programmed by Greg Knight. Its development over a period of years from the DOS computer environment to updated Windows technology was a conscious decision to work in the merino industry. Practical feedback and input from the continual participation of a variety of stud clients has helped shape the TOPSTUD program of today.